Furnaces of Forge - Alan Skinner

Furnaces of Forge

By Alan Skinner

  • Release Date: 2013-06-19
  • Genre: Fantasy


When the young Myrmidot apprentices, Touch and Cres, devise a plan to harness awesome power of the blue ice, they set in motion events that will threaten the whole land. Before long, the people of the Land are divided against themselves; even the animals know that there is something dreadfully wrong, something that even they fear.
Matters grow worse when two mysterious strangers appear. Accompanied by four ferocious and deadly companions they call spoorhounds, the strangers begin to wage a war of vengeance on the people of the Land.
Distrust, and the corruption growing within the Land, infects every living thing in the Land. Even the Muddles begin to fear for their lives and their future.
Crimson, Muddlemarsh's quiet fire officer, is determined to confront the strangers. Before long, she is fighting for her life against something that has never before been in the Land: hatred and a thirst for revenge.
The sequel to the acclaimed Blue Fire and Ice, Furnaces of Forge is a book for all readers, from early teens to adults.