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Good Housekeeping’s Jams & Preserves

By Good Housekeeping

  • Release Date: 2013-06-28
  • Genre: Methods


'Generations of housewives have taken pride in a store-cupboard well stocked with jars of home-made jams and marmalades and bottles of preserved fruit. In olden days the 'know-how' was handed down from mother to daughter but occasionally seemingly inexplicable troubles occurred. Today, rule-of-thumb methods have been replaced by scientific knowledge and there is no reason why everyone who is prepared to work accurately and carefully should not be rewarded by complete success in preserving.'
--Introduction from Good Housekeeping's Jams and Preserves, 'one of the Famous Series of recipe Booklets No 28', 1964.

This digital edition of Jams and Preserves brings the 1960s booklet to the modern kitchen, offering today's cook dozens of tested recipes for both familiar and unfamiliar preserves.

Recipes include those for: jams, jellies, marmalades, jams and marmalade with a pressure cooker, fruit curds, cheeses and mincemeat. It also includes bottling vegetables, fruit syrups and juices, preserving tomatoes and unusual preserves. 

Jams include raspberry, pear, black cherry and rhubarb ginger. Marmalades include Seville orange, lime and three-fruit. Also included are spiced prunes, spiced pears, brandied cherries and many more delicious preserves.