Jesus is Only Coming Twice - M.E. Brines

Jesus is Only Coming Twice

By M.E. Brines

  • Release Date: 2012-10-25
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


Books dealing with the Second Coming have always been popular. There are literally hundreds if not thousands available. However, virtually all of them deal with the subject assuming a pre-tribulation rapture. Conflicting teachings are ignored or ridiculed. Jesus is Only Coming Twice examines the conflicting claims for the timing of the Rapture and Tribulation from pre-, mid and post tribulation positions and demonstrates the Biblical basis (or lack of basis) behind each theory, concluding that the commonly held pre-tribulation rapture theory is an unhistorical and unbiblical heresy.

Jay Phelan Jr., president of North Park Theological Seminary has said, “I think that the neglect of the study of eschatology in the church is a serious mistake, and it’s one of the reasons that stuff like Left Behind becomes so popular. People are hungry to have some information about what the Bible says about the future. And if you don’t give them something good to eat, they’ll eat junk food. And the Left Behind series are kind of the Twinkies and the Hostess Cupcakes of the theological world.”

If the Left Behind series are the Twinkies and cupcakes of the theological world, Jesus is Only Coming Twice is more like Mom’s home cookin’ – more nutritious and satisfying in the long run, something that’ll “stick to your ribs.”

Benefits:Readers will discover the truth behind the current pre-tribulation rapture fad. They will learn the origin of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine and what the Bible really says about the subject of the End Times.

·Verse by verse consideration of proof texts in context for the pre- and post-tribulation rapture theories: why the pre-tribulation rapture is unbiblical.
·Detailed examinations of arguments for the popular pre-tribulation rapture as well as against the post-tribulation rapture by well-known authors such as Hal Lindsey: why the pre-tribulation rapture is illogical.
·The seldom publicized and little known historical origin of the pre-tribulation rapture idea and a description of the related doctrines of the group that developed it: why the pre-tribulation rapture is unhistorical and heretical.
·A study of the fulfillment of the feasts of Israel in the two comings of Christ demonstrating the important and clear evidence for a post-tribulation rapture.
·A comprehensive biblical guided tour of the Tribulation, Second Coming and Rapture starting with the Old Testament prophets and proceeding through the Gospels and Revelation: why the Rapture will occur at the END of the Tribulation and not before it starts.
·Scientific comparison of the results of the Wrath of God as outlined in Revelation and the effects of a major asteroid strike.
·A concise explanation of why a person’s view of the End Times does matter, that it isn’t just a matter of personal preference: how the pre-tribulation rapture theory will disarm the Church and contribute to the rise of the Antichrist.