Inspired by Nature: Creativity - Steve Parish & Kate Prentice

Inspired by Nature: Creativity

By Steve Parish & Kate Prentice

  • Release Date: 2013-07-16
  • Genre: Spirituality


Creativity is often associated with artistic expression, but our meaning encompasses the expression of the soul. It is the idea that whether making tea or painting a picture, your creativity may flow. 
Every activity of the day, big or small, is part of your unique journey as a creator. Approach every task with awareness and attention for the joyful ‘alive’ experience of creativity flowing.
Use the inspiration provided in this book to help you unleash and engage the passion to bring creativity and vitality to each day. Discover the joy of a life imbued with vibrant colour and experienced through the lens of creativity.
The eight books in this series offer insights into creating a rich and fulfilling life connected to soul and nature. The other titles are:
Joy, Healing, Gratitude, Freedom, Acceptance, Consciousness and Compassion.