Inspired By Nature: Gratitude - Steve Parish & Kate Prentice

Inspired By Nature: Gratitude

By Steve Parish & Kate Prentice

  • Release Date: 2013-07-17
  • Genre: Spirituality


There may be times in our lives when we find it difficult to feel thankful. Removing these barriers is part of the healing and growing process. This journey can be a positive experience through which we express gratitude for the smallest gifts of life. Through gratitude, we learn to respect the relationships between nature, others and ourselves, and how to move forward with our lives. 

This book encourages you to find joy in the acts of both giving and receiving. Approach these with respect and humility, and you will be contributing to the positivity of the natural and built worlds around you. Expand your heart through kindness, and the path you wish to take in life will become clear.

The eight books in this series offer insights into creating a rich and fulfilling life connected to soul and nature. The other titles are:
Joy, Creativity, Healing, Freedom, Acceptance, Consciousness and Compassion.