Getting It - Becky Hendrick

Getting It

By Becky Hendrick

  • Release Date: 2013-07-22
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


When this book first was published over a decade ago, arts writer and New Yorker critic Calvin Tomkins wrote: "GETTING IT does things no other book I know of does, and performs a real and useful service. Author and artist Becky Hendrick presents her original text for online readers: Getting It remains a basic, culumative, and holistic approach to looking at fine art from both objective and subjective viewpoints. This small text includes the visual elements used by artists, an overview of art history related to its context, and thought-provoking essays on Modern art styles and their relevance to their era as well as to our day-to-day lives. A brief introduction to the art of "Now" --- Postmodernism --- is also included. "I know of no more profound introduction, and neither do I know of a more communicative one." said University of Houston art historian Rex Koontz. And artist/commentator Bill Dunlap advised: "Give it to someone who needs it. Give it to someone you love."