Issues on My Mind - George P. Shultz

Issues on My Mind

By George P. Shultz

  • Release Date: 2013-07-23
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


How to achieve a better future for the United States and the world

The world is awash in change. What can be done to re-create the sense of relative stability that emerged from the creative efforts of statesmen after the end of World War II? In this book, former Nixon and Reagan cabinet member George Shultz offers his views on how to govern more effectively, get our economy back on track, take advantage of new opportunities in the energy field, combat the use of addictive drugs, apply a strategic overview to diplomacy, and identify necessary steps to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

Shultz takes a how-to approach to the major challenges facing the United States and the world. The age we live in, Shultz explains, requires a deep understanding of the seismic changes taking place and a vigorous effort to create a global economic and security commons. We must put our house in order and reestablish the leadership that has served our nation and the world so well in the past. Shultz points the way in Issues on My Mind.