Technologies for Sustainable Development - Jean-Claude Bolay, Silvia Hostettler & Eileen Hazboun

Technologies for Sustainable Development

By Jean-Claude Bolay, Silvia Hostettler & Eileen Hazboun

  • Release Date: 2013-08-04
  • Genre: Environment


Whilst scientific research can be crucial in guiding innovation and development throughout the world, it can be too detached from real world applications, particularly in developing and emerging countries. Technologies for Sustainable Development brings together the best 20 papers from the 2012 Conference of the EPFL-UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development with the aim to explore and discuss ways to link scientific research with development practices to assist practitioners and reply directly to social needs.

In order for technologies to be adopted it is not sufficient that they are low cost and affordable but also socially, culturally and environmentally accepted by the intended users. Technologies for Sustainable Development aims to explore and answer the following three questions:

• What is an appropriate technology?

• How can we ensure a sustainable, integrated development?

• What are the conditions for co-creation and transfer of such technologies?

Focusing on the importance of improving working relationships between stakeholders; researchers and decision-makers; between scientists and industrial sectors; between academics and the population; Technologies for Sustainable Development  opens a dialogue necessary to create and implement the best solutions adapted to social demands.