Coffee Break Spanish Study Pack 2 - Radio Lingua & Mark Pentleton

Coffee Break Spanish Study Pack 2

By Radio Lingua & Mark Pentleton

  • Release Date: 2013-08-30
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Coffee Break Spanish helps you learn Spanish using our tried and tested method which combines audio, video and text materials in a structured approach. 
Based on the hugely popular online course, this study pack offers the video flashcards for lessons 6-10, combining the audio materials with flashcards which allow the learner to see how the words are written. Each lesson comes with several pages of notes, additional vocabulary and bonus listening materials. 
Coffee Break Spanish is presented by experienced teacher Mark who is working with learner Kara. You will quickly learn to communicate in Spanish alongside Kara, and by listening to her questions and hearing her mistakes you'll make excellent progress towards your goal of speaking and understanding Spanish. 

This study pack covers the following topics:
Lesson 6: Tengo tres hermanos
- talking about family members; numbers 1-10; the word "tengo", meaning "I have"; saying how many people there are in your family; some differences between European and Latin American Spanish.

Lesson 7: ¿En qué trabajas?
- vocabulary for jobs; saying what job you do; using the word "trabajo" meaning "I work"; asking other people about their work; saying whether you like your job or not.
Lesson 8: Me gusta el chocolate
- the expression "me gusta" which can be used to talk about what you like; general vocabulary for things you may like; the concept of the infinitive of a verb; saying that you really like something and that you don't like something.

Lesson 9: Ahora hablo español
- dialogues including much of the vocabulary covered in lessons 1-8; other useful phrases to build your range of vocabulary

Lesson 10: ¡Feliz Navidad!
- since this lesson was originally released in the holiday season, it features a range of words and phrases used at this time of year in Spanish-speaking areas. 
This book is part of a series of sixteen study packs for the full introductory course of Coffee Break Spanish. The study packs are being published from August 2013 onwards.