The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe & Gustave Doré

The Raven

By Edgar Allan Poe & Gustave Doré

  • Release Date: 2013-09-13
  • Genre: Classics
Score: 4.5
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This Top Five Classics illustrated edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven includes:

• All 25 illustrations by Gustave Doré from the 1884 Harper & Brothers edition
• A informative introduction
• A detailed biography of Edgar Allan Poe
• An illustrated version and a text-only version of the poem

No poem has ever received the kind of immediate and overwhelming response that Poe’s “The Raven” did when it was first published in the New York Evening Mirror on January 29, 1845. It made Poe a household name overnight (though his great fame never brought much wealth), and the poem, a powerfully haunting elegy to lost love remains to this day one of the most beloved and recognizable works in the English language.

The illustrations that accompany this Top Five Classics edition were created by renowned French artist Gustave Doré for Harper & Brothers’ 1884 release of The Raven. Doré completed his steel-plate engravings just before passing away in January 1883. His posthumously published illustrations became famous in their own right, evoking as they do the lyrical and mystical air of Poe’s masterpiece.


  • WOW

    By Iansdonegan
    I love this book! Edgar Allen Poe did a great job on the rhymes! I loved that poem and how good he did on the sinister parts!
  • Raven by Edgar Allan Poe review

    By Riyanca
    This book is very short, simple and interesting. It’s very entertaining. We shall remember him and his work for years to come. #RIP
  • Best Version available

    By Bobbigirlny71
    What can I say, as a Edger Allen Poe fanatic anyone as passionate and compelled with his works or art (his medium of course being the rare combination of his intellect, undoubtedly questionable compassion (questionable being at what point the height of his compassion shifted to the character of his fancy in his individual works.) Poe's works leave most, if not all of those who find themselves captivated in his TRUELY heart giving poems can help not to wonder how he has beautifully twisted intellect into an almost all too real understanding as if...the words chosen weren't just chosen. Once can never be enough to take in that which he seems to be giving, even those who do not fancy or admire the talent in poetry or just his will be declined to find his word drawing one in to become even a little horrified at the brilliance of his chosen words. Enough so that it leaves me to wonder how many times even his biggest skeptics, read the same stories being drawn in to find the meaning in which he all too well portraits through the words that become a diverse, intriguing wonder. Almost like a puzzle, almost like a mystery...a mystery that causes one to wonder of the depths of the knowledge of emotion he carries through the characters he brings brilliantly to life, at least until he leads you to the ending. That is really when the beginning of the wonder to its meaning begins. That is what brings everyone back for more, the feeling it leaves that there is so very much more he has revealed in each piece of work, brilliantly achieved through what he didn't write yet somehow still said. Was he such a master mind of intellect that he was able to captivate the coincidence enough that he was capable of speaking to the subconscious in the reader, or was he such an amazing writer that he was able to make it all seem just to real to be coming from imagination so oddly tuned that he delighted in leaving just enough wonder as to the sanity of a man who almost seemed to have been reliving secrets kept within himself that would destroy the soul who somehow didn't find a way to share the compassion and grief he TRUELY felt to the character that could be told never more? Love or Hate Edger Allen Poe's work, there seems to be one thing that anyone who is a lover of the style of art which is created through words can probably all agree on.. There is something about his works that stirs somethings in all of us. Some love the emotion it causes, some hate it... Either way it's not a question of his talent and creativity strongly expressed through the words chosen, it is more or less the chosen stories he dared to share that because they spark a certain fear of realism and poke at the very depths of our own worst dreads and fears. The illustration that had been combined in the poem that was the chosen one is brilliant, perfect and way beyond the pleasure of imagination, the visual effects make this version of "The Raven" breathtaking in every way!