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  • Storyline was great. Introducing the new characters was the best part

    By bernied1224
  • Rae of hope

    By MSValdes
    I loved every page
  • Too many friends

    By Mesuur
    There were too many friends in this book that it was hard to keep track of. So when Riley showed up again at the end I had forgotten who he was. Overall good story. This was the first book written by this author and I’m mainly reading it to see how she grew as an author. Will continue the stories or read a more recent one to see the growth.
  • Great!!!

    By Persimony1
    Excellent writer and great reading! Can’t wait to read the next one.
  • It's Amazing!!!

    By kerrigankids!
    I love it so Much! I wish every book in this series were free. If you haven't gotten it you must! It is just so exciting! I love W.J. May's books! Ok, you must get the whole series!
  • Intriguing Read

    By Eclectic Code
    First off, the characters were well developed and the story line was intriguing. I liked the pace of the story and never lost interest in finding out what was going to happen next. The reason I did not rate this 5 Stars was simply due to one little scene that bothered to mention that the female students were to meet the new girls, then has tons of dialog and happenings that seemed to completely leave out that entire event. I actually reread that section, thinking I just missed it. It isn't crucial to the story, but seemed like it may have been part of an edit that cut part of the story out...leaving the original mention unnecessary. It isn't a big problem just awkward for detail oriented readers. There were also a few minor typos that did not detract from the flow of the story. So, for those that might like a Twilight meets Harry Potter type story, with it's own twists and turns, this could be a fun read for you. It is suitable for young adult readers and I was certainly interested enough to want to purchase the next book in the series. PG13 for some violence, light teen chemistry and tragedy
  • Ok

    By Academy 3
    Not too bad. It didn't keep me enthralled but it was ok.
  • Sparkling Disneyish Harry Potter High School Romance Novel

    By Prestige September
    The book was written in a haste and needs editing. Grammar check in particular. You're and your mistake is unforgivable in a professional publication. The book is intended for naïve cliche female teenage audience. It uses the old tested romance novel form and attempts to mix everything that has proven to intoxicate young readers. It works. It's pleasant to read. Shallow, but pleasant. I wish the author would put more effort to include some logic and maybe experienced something that stimulated her mind. With this skill and determination, she could probably write a real masterpiece. Strangely, I do recommend this as a read and would not be surprised if I read another book in this series
  • Rae of Hope

    By Proctorasshole
    An enchanting read that you don't want to put down. Great characters and the writer infused the story with different twists and plots that keep you wondering what happens next. Really enjoyed!
  • Rae of Hope

    By Straydog2
    Excellent read. Fast moving. Quite a few typos throughout the book though. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I didn't want to put it down. It would have been a 5 but for the typos.