Coffee Break Spanish Study Pack 3 - Radio Lingua & Mark Pentleton

Coffee Break Spanish Study Pack 3

By Radio Lingua & Mark Pentleton

  • Release Date: 2013-08-30
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Coffee Break Spanish helps you learn Spanish using our tried and tested method which combines audio, video and text materials in a structured approach. 
Based on the hugely popular online course, this study pack offers the video flashcards for lessons 11-15, combining the audio materials with flashcards which allow the learner to see how the words are written. Each lesson comes with several pages of notes, additional vocabulary and bonus listening materials. 
Coffee Break Spanish is presented by experienced teacher Mark who is working with learner Kara. You will quickly learn to communicate in Spanish alongside Kara, and by listening to her questions and hearing her mistakes you'll make excellent progress towards your goal of speaking and understanding Spanish. 

This study pack covers the following topics:
Lesson 11: Lo siento, no entiendo
- talking about which languages you speak; saying you don't understand; asking people to speak more slowly.
Lesson 12: Once, doce, trece
- counting from 11 upwards; the days of the week; the months of the year.

Lesson 13: ¿Dónde está la catedral?
- vocabulary for different places in the town; different ways of asking "where is…?"; understanding simple directions; asking if something is nearby or far away.
Lesson 14: ¿Hay un banco por aquí?
- the indefinite article (the word for "a"); the expression "hay", meaning "there is" or "there are"; talking about what there is in your town; describing the exact location of something, e.g. "beside", or "opposite"; a song, "En La Ciudad Donde Vivo Yo".
Lesson 15: Para mí un café con leche
- the words for various drinks; ordering drinks in a café; how to attract the attention of the waiter or waitress; sample café conversations.
This book is part of a series of sixteen study packs for the full introductory course of Coffee Break Spanish. The study packs are being published from August 2013 onwards.