The 6th Extinction - James Rollins

The 6th Extinction

By James Rollins

  • Release Date: 2014-08-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 906 Ratings


In a masterful epic that combines timeless mystery and ripped-from-the-headlines scientific intrigue, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes humankind to its endpoint, to a fate inscribed in rock and ice in an event known as


Life always finds a way. . . .

A military research station buried in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California broadcasts a frantic distress call that ends with a chilling order:

"This is sierra, victor, whiskey. There's been a breach. Failsafe initiated. No matter the outcome: Kill us . . . kill us all."

The site is part of TECOMM, the U.S. Army Test Command. When help arrives to investigate, they discover that everyone in the lab is dead--not just the scientists, but every living thing for fifty square miles is annihilated: every animal, plant, and insect, even bacteria. The land is completely sterile-- and the blight is spreading.

Only one team on earth has the scientific knowledge and military precision to handle this mission: Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma. The dead scientists were working on a secret project, researching radically different forms of life on Earth, life that could change our understanding of biology and humanity itself. But something set off an explosion in the lab, and now Sigma must contend with the apocalyptic aftermath.

To prevent the inevitable, they must decipher a futuristic threat that rises out of the distant past--a time when Antarctica was green and life on Earth was balanced on a knife's edge. Following a fascinating trail of clues buried in an ancient map rescued from the lost Library of Alexandria, Sigma will make a shocking discovery involving a prehistoric continent and a new form of life and death buried under miles of ice. Gray Pierce and his dedicated team must race through eons of time and across distant continents to decipher millennia-old secrets out of the frozen past and untangle mysteries buried deep in the darkest jungles of today, as they face their greatest challenge yet: stopping the Sixth Extinction--the end of humankind.

But is it already too late?

The Sixth Extinction combines pulsating adventure, intriguing history, and cutting-edge advances in science and technology in a thrilling white-knuckle ride that delivers as only James Rollins can.


  • First book read.

    By shirlban
    I found this compelling. Purchased during a three hour flight delay. By the flight I was hooked. As my first it totally held my interest.
  • Probably the best Sigma Force novel to date

    By БLoonИ
    With nods to the past but introducing plenty of new material, this book is definitely the best of the Sigma series to date.
  • Another Awesome Adventure

    By Ohyeahfun
    Another blockbuster from James Rollins. This edition of the Sigma series takes us from Yellowstone to Antarctica as they try to stop another earth extinction event. Once again great writing with an all star cast leads us on a non stop action adventure. Highly recommend you read this series.
  • The 6th Extinction

    By Bizbing
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was full of adventure and interesting characters. A real page turner. I didn't want it to end b
  • Great Rollin's Fan

    By Capizzi60
    Great story and fast pace adventure! A must read!
  • Meh

    By frjeffgatlin
    I have been reading through the series of late. One question I have been asking is this; if Sigma Force is so secret and elite why is it that every bad guy knows about them and is always a step ahead. Their like the Keystone Cops until the very ending when they save the day. I know this series is not fine literature, but geez, do they have to be so predictable? Plus, after checking on some of his sources that he recommends, they are conspiracy laden tomes that can't be taken seriously. So his "facts" sometimes come from doubtful sources.
  • Great!

    By StephUSI
    Another great book in this series! I can't wait to start the next book!
  • Disappointed

    By Navjyo
    Thought it starts well, half way through it takes the routine path & the ending seems so obvious.
  • The 6th Extinction

    By SAppelquist
    The Scientists are only slightly less beautiful than the Special Forces agents, and all are brilliant. Good wins out.
  • The 6th Extinction

    By Ddsssaop
    Yet another book that goes down to the last few seconds to save the world from disaster. Tedious, ponderous and completely unnecessary. Couple that with a plot hopelessly complicated and you have a less than fulfilling read.