Back in the Swing of Things - Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. & Patricia Lee

Back in the Swing of Things

By Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. & Patricia Lee

  • Release Date: 2013-09-10
  • Genre: Golf


Jake, a young golfer, grabbed his clubs and headed toward the clubhouse after playing a round with his friend Marty. Jake has trouble bringing his practice game to tournaments. At practice, he performs well, but when he plays in a tournament he can't seem to play the same game. Asked if he was playing in the tournament at Forest Oaks, Jake was uncertain. He felt intimidated by the kids who practice at Forest Oaks because they have the best clothes, clubs, and coaches. After his mom signed up Jake to play in the tournament, he asked to withdraw. He feared once again that he would not score well in the tournament. With the help of his friend, Jake learns that golf is not about winning, but trying to do your best on each shot.