The Finisher (Vega Jane, Book 1): Extra Content E-book Edition - David Baldacci

The Finisher (Vega Jane, Book 1): Extra Content E-book Edition

By David Baldacci

  • Release Date: 2014-03-04
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4
From 473 Ratings


The #1 New York Times bestseller by David Baldacci now includes a never-before-seen chapter, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Finisher, and a special world guide -- for e-readers only!Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood. She was told there was nothing outside but a forest filled with danger and death. And she always believed it -- until the night she saw Quentin Herms run away.Vega knows Quentin didn't just leave -- he was chased. And he left behind a trail of clues that point to a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wormwood. To follow the clues will attract the attention of influential people willing to kill to keep their secrets. If Vega wants to stay safe, she just needs to keep her head down and her mouth shut. There's only one problem -- Vega Jane never walks away from a fight.Master storyteller David Baldacci introduces an unforgettable heroine who must think fast, hit hard, and defy all odds to uncover the truth.


  • Why don’t more people know about this?

    By Soupermahn
    The Finisher was, put simply, spectacular. Whereas some similar books are written like a movie, with action and characters but little real, solid material to chew on, Baldacci gives us a raw chunk of meat, ready for us to ravage, wishing for more. He manages to both give us both solid details and a need to question everything we think we know about Vega and her world. Combining fast paced action with an emotional roller coaster, a new world with that of our own, and feelings of confidence in what we know with a complete and utter lack of surety, this book is perfect for anyone looking to lose themselves in a whole new world!
  • worth it

    By Ana@Ian
    i buy the hard copy of this book, and now im looking for book 2,
  • It was Interesting!

    By JesusRuleS11
    I really enjoyed it. I love how Vega Jane was determine and etc. but it was a little difficult to understand while reading. It does have a good plot but I wish I knew more about the Character. All I know is that she has a Grandpa, friend, sick parents, and died dog. It just seems too morbid. It can use some happiness into it not just work and fighting. But if you like mind working books then this book is for you. If you like easy, smooth, and romance types than I don't recommend it.
  • The Finisher (Part 1)

    By BubbaLav
    I am a great Baldachi fan and throught that this book was going to be long and boring. To my surprise it was excellent and once I was into it, I could not put it down. This story is more along the lines of the Hobit and he does a great job with the characters.
  • Best book

    By Katie_the_Alpha
    To all those people that said bad things... Shut up! This book is amazing! I love the idea of it! It gives u something u don't expect and it had many suprises! READ THIS BOOK
  • The Finisher

    By Papa John 2
    The story was great but the ending left you hanging. Will there be a second volume or will the reader be left wondering how The crew made out.
  • Not just for kids. A great book.

    By Dan Vermilion
    I read a lot and found this to be one of the best books that I have ever read. It is not just a young person's book. It is a great story like the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games. It is exciting and riveting (after you get through the introductory chapters.) You won't put it down, waiting for it all to come together at the end. Then you will be sorry it is over.
  • Wow

    By Itsjustdonna
    Is there a second book.
  • An amazing book

    By Mia Frank
    This book is amazing. I would read it over and over again. David Baldacci vividly described the characters and creatures. Vega Jane is my favorite because I can easily relate to her. If you read this book you will be caught in the spiral downward with Vega Jane. You will want to know more every time you turn the page.
  • Love The Finisher

    By Jd5522
    I read this book for real, in paper, and I think everyone should know how amazing it is. This is the first in a series, but I am still freaking out. I don't handle cliffhangers well; I am very impatient. I think it has got movie potential. By the way, haters, this is a children's book. So...