Edgar Degas: 146 Paintings and Drawings - Maria Tsaneva

Edgar Degas: 146 Paintings and Drawings

By Maria Tsaneva

  • Release Date: 2013-11-18
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Edgar Degas seems never to have reconciled himself to the label of "Impressionist," preferring to call himself a "Realist" or "Independent." Nevertheless, he was one of the group’s founders, an organizer of its exhibitions, and one of its most important core members. Like the Impressionists, he sought to capture fleeting moments in the flow of modern life, yet he showed little interest in painting plain air landscapes, favoring scenes in theaters and cafes illuminated by artificial light, which he used to clarify the contours of his figures, adhering to his Academic training. Unusual vantage points and asymmetrical framing are a consistent theme throughout Degas's works. Though noted for his attention to the female figure, Degas executed many studies of grouped horses and jockeys from which he would use figures in later compositions.He absorbed artistic tradition and outside influences and reinterpreted them in innovative ways.