Tara Road - Maeve Binchy

Tara Road

By Maeve Binchy

  • Release Date: 2009-12-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 26 Ratings


'Reading a Maeve Binchy book is like slipping into a scented warm bubble bath.' (Five Star Reader Review)

'A wonderful story of family and friends, love and betrayal.' (Five Star Reader Review)

Ria and Marilyn have never met, but they're about to swap lives...

Ria Lynch lives in a big, warm, Victorian house in Tara Road, Dublin, where her life revolves around family and friends. Marilyn Vine lives thousands of miles away in a quiet, modern house in New England. After a terrible loss, she has closed herself off from the world.

Two more unlikely friends would be hard to find, but when each needs a place to escape to, a house exchange seems the ideal solution. Along with the borrowed houses come neighbours and friends, gossip and speculation, and Ria and Marilyn soon realise that swapping lives won't be the peaceful escape they'd been hoping for... Though it might turn out to be exactly the change they both needed.

'A brilliant storyteller' GRAHAM NORTON
'This is Binchy at her best' MAIL ON SUNDAY
'Maeve was my hero' MARIAN KEYES

Find out why millions of readers all over the world adore Maeve Binchy's TARA ROAD

'My ALL TIME FAVOURITE Maeve Binchy book. The characters become part of your life.' (Five Stars)

'I love all of Maeve Binchy's books, in Tara Road she creates a world of complex characters that you can believe in and care about.' (Five Stars)

'My favorite book of all time . Reminded me of my friends while growing up' (Five Stars)

'I absolutely loved this book, I felt I was part of the story and couldn't put it down, this is my first Maeve book but will definitely be a fan now.' (Five Stars)

'Friendship, loyalty, love, betrayal... these themes and others are explored in Binchy's typical Irish and very friendly style, making it a thoroughly enjoyable book to read, and re-read.' (Five Stars)

'Maeve has a wonderful way of weaving people's lives together and getting the reader interested. I love her gentle, easy story telling. Reading her books is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time.' (Five Stars)

'I would recommend this book to anyone who is a keen observer of life, to anyone who has been through tough times and to anyone who loves to get caught up in a world of complex families, friendships, love affairs, business deals and spontaneous life changing decisions. I have never read Maeve Binchy before but I will now seek out her other novels!' (Five Stars)

'If I want to read a lovely warm, affectionate family book I usually pick up a Maeve Binchy. Tara Road, I think, is one of her best books.' (Five Stars)

'One of my all time favourite books. You will laugh and you will cry.' (Five Stars)

'Flawless writing, totally life like and believable characters with their own set of struggles, aspirations, dreams and desires... She is one heck of a writer.' (Five Stars)

'Such a great storyteller with colorful characters that you just fall in love with and others that you despise. This is a wonderful story of family and friends, love and betrayal. Over six hundred pages and it still ended too soon.' (Five Stars)