The Ultimate Pub Quiz: General Knowledge and Trivia Questions - Sarah Johnstone

The Ultimate Pub Quiz: General Knowledge and Trivia Questions

By Sarah Johnstone

  • Release Date: 2013-12-10
  • Genre: Reference


Our quizzes provide hundreds of questions based upon a range of subjects and topics. With each round consisting of twenty-five carefully selected questions, this eBook provides the perfect pub quiz night! There are links throughout this user-friendly eBook to maintain easy navigation between quiz categories, and questions and answers.

An excellent selection of topics have been carefully chosen to make your quiz night fun and interesting. The questions range between easy, medium and challenging. In addition to hundreds of general knowledge trivia questions, there are also ten rounds of music trivia questions from the 80s, 90s and 00s, plus ten rounds of sports questions covering all types of sports, players, game rules and events.

The general knowledge trivia questions include a variety of interesting subjects such as geography, history, maths, sport, movies, music, nature, true or false, fun, anagrams, and include topics such as continents, country capitals, famous people, celebrities, movie quotes, historical events, natural disasters, number one songs, lyrics plus many more exciting subjects to really test your quiz teams!!

Pub quiz masters may like to consider holding a competition for the best team name! Some of our favourites include: The Brainiacs, Les Quizerables, The Quizaders, Know-it-alls, The Boffins, The Quizulators…