Medical Conditions Requiring Paleo Diet: Health Learning Series - M. Usman & John Davidson

Medical Conditions Requiring Paleo Diet: Health Learning Series

By M. Usman & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-01-27
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition


Medical Conditions Requiring Paleo Diet - Health Learning Series

Table Of Contents
Introduction: The ancient diet
Section one:
Knowing paleo diet
Paleo diet explained.
Dissecting paleo diet: An analysis of its components
Section two:
Medical conditions benefiting from paleo diet
Cardiovascular diseases: A heart protecting diet
Diabetes: Too much sweetness, too many problems.
Obesity: Eat less, get thinner but with more energy
Sleep problems: A soothing diet
Allergies: “I am totally natural” says paleo diet
•Skin problems: Be gone you rashes!
•Autoimmune diseases: Protecting you from your own self

Introduction: The ancient diet
In the search for the best diet, a theory was presented in the 1980s. The theory reminded humans of their ancestors and the healthy lives they used to live. It blamed the development of modern diseases on our present imperfect diet which it considers a recent innovation as compared to what our bodies have been adapting to, for the major part of history. It says that if we eat the diet of our ancestors, we will return to that healthy state and the diseases of our present time will fade away into non-existence. This is the concept behind paleo diet.
Paleo diet, a modern adaptation of the supposed diet of our ancestors, is claimed to be the solution to the dietary hazards of our time. Can it really provide benefits over our present diet? Can it really be the solution of hazardous diseases that have plagued the modern society? This book discusses the advantages of paleo diet over modern diet relevant to the cure of diseases and assumes the position that indeed, paleo diet can be the solution for the major diseases of our age.