How to Avoid Brain Aging: Dementia – Memory Loss - Health Learning Series - M. Usman & John Davidson

How to Avoid Brain Aging: Dementia – Memory Loss - Health Learning Series

By M. Usman & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-01-27
  • Genre: Medical


How to Avoid Brain Aging - Dementia – Memory Loss - Health Learning Series

Table of Contents
Section one:
How human brain works?
What is brain aging?
How to avoid brain aging?
Section two:
Dos to avoid brain aging:
Regular exercise.
Healthy diet.
Healthy social interactions.
Improve your brain potential.
Section three:
Don’ts to avoid brain aging:
Alcohol intake.
Drug abuse.
Inadequate sleep.
Health issues.
Excessive use of medicines and supplements.
A quick review.

Is increasing age withering the performance of your brain? Are you clueless how to avoid the side effects of aging on your brain health? Is your aging brain ruining your life? No matter how many problems you have faced because of your increasing age, “How to avoid brain aging?” gives you a quick review of all the dos and don’ts for a successful brain aging.
Each chapter of this book gives you a deep insight to the basic causes of brain aging and helps answer your basic question: “How to avoid brain aging?”
Following the guidelines regarding life style changes, eating habits, social interactions and habits to avoid, you can overcome the problem of brain aging in a quick and effective manner and can lead a healthy and active life.