Evensong - Krista Walsh


By Krista Walsh

  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 190 Ratings


Author Jeff Powell wakes up to find the impossible has happened. He is within his own novel—summoned into the fictional world of Feldall’s Keep by a spell he didn’t write. One the House enchantress hasn’t figured out how to reverse.

When the villain he’s been struggling to write reveals himself, unleashing waves of terror and chaos, Jeff must use more than his imagination to save the characters he created—and the woman he loves.

Trapped within a world of his own creation, he must step outside the bounds of his narrative to help his characters defeat an evil no one anticipated, even if he must sacrifice his greatest gift. In the end, he has to ask: are novels really fiction, or windows into other worlds?

The Meratis Trilogy centres around author Jeff Powell, who wakes up in his sword-and-sorcery fantasy world. Initially an arrogant and close-minded character, Jeff has his eyes opened to a world of dragons, magic, and assassins. Faced with an evil he could never have imagined, Jeff is pushed to his limits and forced to rise to the most unusual challenges.


  • Evensong

    By rop2121
    A wonderful book, I loved it
  • An excellent read...

    By gerbodie
    ...I loved the concept of an author being forcefully dragged into his own novel, and look forward to Jeff’s future adventures.
  • The trilogy

    By spiralbound
    Just got through reading the whole set. I must say, it was a very pleasant read. Not boring, not predictable. Thought it was handled very well taking a modern person inside his own story. Don’t regret buying these at all.
  • Awesome Read

    By ReaderAholic
    This book was such a good story. It was hard to put down and kept you on the edge of your seat. Action packed and more twists and turns. You never knew where the author was going to take you in the next scene. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • Fantasy story with a twist

    By RL Melton
    The book opens with an author trying to determine how to accomplish sending his story down the direction he wants. He finds himself in the story and the people are real. AND there are things happening (bad things) that he had never thought of.
  • Awesome

    By Lady_Sheness
    I loved this book! It was exciting. I loved the characters and seeing them grow!
  • Really good book!

    By Aitski
    Was fun to read. 10/10 would read again.
  • Ho hum no

    By Academy 3
    Take an author who finds himself in his story and there is is. I couldn't connect with it and when the F bombs started that was the end for me.
  • Wonderful!

    By Bells442
    Great story with interesting character! Can't wait to read the next one!
  • Wonderful story

    By Pandora-1970
    Definitely a new take on mixing fantasy and reality. I enjoyed this tale immensely!