Business as Usual - Denise Grover Swank

Business as Usual

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2014-04-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 362 Ratings


Lexi Pendergraft has given up on finding love after a disastrous encounter with her last boyfriend. Instead, she focuses on two things: One, setting up a summer program for underprivileged middle-school aged students. And the second, getting to the bottom of her brother Reed’s recent strange behavior. His secret is destroying his relationship with his fiancée Caroline, and Lexi will do anything to help him save it. Especially after he gave up his dream to give Lexi a chance at a semi-normal college experience, something her parents threatened to steal from her after her rape a year ago.

Ben Masterson is determined to make it through his final semester of his senior year at Southern University. After recently losing his full ride scholarship, he’s suffering from sleep deprivation while trying to keep up with his mechanical engineering courses and working three part time jobs. He thinks he’s lucked out getting a job in the university math lab. The only problem is his boss—Reed Pendergraft.

As part of a role in a community theater play, Lexi wears a black wig and feels a confidence she hasn’t experienced in over a year. When she wears it to a bar close to the theater, she doesn’t think Ben, a bartender there, recognizes her. While Ben’s intrigued about what she’s up to, he’s smart enough to stay far away from his overprotective boss’s sister. Until fate forces him to help her, but why won’t she tell him her real identity?


  • Terrific!!!

    By Zol:)
    Another terrific book by Denise! I'm amazed by her writing style I was intrigued from the moment I begin the series!😄
  • Love!

    By Cvmiss28
    I love Denise Grover Swanks stories. Aside from a few typos, i read all three books in 3 days. Can't wait for more!!!! Love your work!
  • Different

    By boysinabooth
    The format of this book was different from the previous books in the series. It took a while to get into. I preferred just being in the girls' minds in the first two books, but this was interesting to see what the guys were thinking of the interactions. Hope there's another book in the series!
  • Amazing

    By NicNac0
    I loved the series. Denise Grover Swank is an amazing author! :)?
  • AWESOME As Usual!

    By Jamieelizabeth77
    This third Off the Subject novel may be my favorite! Lexi and Ben's relationship develops slowly while both are fighting their own demons. Lexi has spent far too long feeling like a victim after her attack at her previous college. Her big brother, Reed, would move Heaven and Earth to protect her. His overprotectiveness comes to a head, and it's nearly the undoing of his relationship with Caroline. We should all be so lucky as to have a sibling that loves us as much as Reed loves Lexi. Despite the wig she wears out the night she talks to Ben, he sees something in her that reaches far beyond the color of her hair. Ben's recent past has been filled with life-altering accusations that rearranged his life proving that it isn't always fair. He's bitter and resentful about all he's lost, but the wall around his heart crumbles for Lexi - Alexis to him. Lexi's road to healing is inspiring as she begins the story broken and ends finding the love and trust she never thought possible. Her courage was only hidden behind her belief she was broken. Once she begins to believe in herself, the rest begins to unfold. Denise's knack for pulling you into a story is no less obvious in this book. Ben and Lexi are the kind of couple you root for and want to see together. Life isn't always neatly tied up in a bow. The idea that two people with baggage from their pasts can heal and find love is inspiring.

    By JP4T
    The story was good, but there were so many typos, especially missing words, that it is hard to want to keep reading it. A couple of typos are ok, but there are WAY too many in this book. I gave it 2 stars because of the bad editing job.
  • My new favorite author

    By Thetruthhurtsbut
    I was introduced to Ms. Grover from her wishes series and this series doesn't disappoint at all. I read all three books in less than a week. Business as usual was surprisingly my favorite. I laughed, I felt sad. Awesome. I don't usually buy iBooks but anything from this author is worth it. Please write a book about Tina! For some reason she intrigues me and I can feel she has a story there!
  • Great book!

    By Klar20
    Loved it!! I love all the characters from these books & hope there will be more books that follow.