Paleo Diet For Weight Loss: Health Learning Series - M. Usman & John Davidson

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss: Health Learning Series

By M. Usman & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-01-25
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition


Paleo Diet For Weight Loss
Should you be on a Paleo Diet? Find out what the research shows.

Table of Contents
Paleo Diet - An Introduction
Question # 1: What is Paleo Diet ?
Question # 2: What can I eat ?
Question # 3: What good will it do to me ?
Question # 4: Will Paleo Diet have any negative impact on my health ?
Question # 5: Do you have any evidence for your claims ?

SECTION I - Paleo Diet Weight Loss
Chapter # 1: Overview
Chapter # 2: Under the hood
Chapter # 3: Paleo Diet, What and What not
Chapter # 4: Is that it ?

SECTION II - Paleo Diet vs Other Popular Diets
Chapter # 1: The World of Diets
Chapter # 2: Weight Watchers Diet
Chapter # 3: Biggest Loser Diet
Chapter # 4: Jenny Craig Diet
Chapter # 5: Raw Food Diet
Chapter # 6: Diet Comparison Chart

SECTION III - Paleo Diet Menus
Chapter # 1: Breakfast
Chapter # 2: Lunch
Chapter # 3: Dinner

What is Paleo Diet?
Basically, Paleo diet is a fancy word for caveman diet; it’s what our ancestors used to consume tens of thousands of years ago when hunting was the only way to acquire food. The fundamental concepts behind the Paleo diet boil down to the genetic level. Simply put, our DNA has not significantly changed over the past 40 thousand years, and therefore, our bodies have not yet fully reformed to the contemporary, highly processed and artificial food items that are available in abundance nowadays. Thus the Paleo style of eating is the most biologically appropriate diet for us.

What can I eat?
Paleo diet includes anything that can be hunted or gathered. Clearly, hunting is not an option to acquire food nowadays but you can still obtain it from a supermarket, if of course the food was readily available during the Paleolithic period. Paleo diet includes and is not limited to meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, roots, fruits, coconut palm sugar and raw honey. Dairy, potatoes, processed oils, grains, legumes and sugars are to be avoided, along with salt and any drinks except water, coconut water and green tea. The diet of course eliminates any processed and readymade foods available today and is gluten free, largely due to the exclusion of grains.