Stop the Coming Civil War - Michael Savage

Stop the Coming Civil War

By Michael Savage

  • Release Date: 2014-10-07
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
From 96 Ratings


In the book that predicted our current political climate, conservative talk-show host and #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage shows how true patriots can defend America's freedoms before it's too late.

The split between the right and the left is growing every day, and our country is in real trouble. Not between the states, but between true patriots who believe in our nation's founding principles and those he believes are working every day to undermine them and change the very nature of the country.
Michael Savage is convinced we face more than just political differences. He believes the split between right and left is possibly irreversible unless we understand what's destroying American values and how to stop it. This fervent warning offers the Savage truth - a call to action in the voting booth - in order to defend the freedoms our Constitution so brilliantly established.


  • What an ego

    By OtakufromAZ
    Ever heard this guy talk about his book on his show? of course you have he never shuts up. "The most important book of our time." HE calls it. It's funny he lives in san fransico, cause he's got an ego the size of texas.
  • Prophetic and Stomach Turning Reality Check!

    By -LG
    Want to know what's really going on in the US Government? This guy did the research for you and presents it in a concise, matter-of-fact, albeit dire fashion. The truth hurts, and some is so shocking this book could create a new bookstore category of its own- Political Horror! This is the third book Savage has published under this administration. It's like every other year he presents his findings in a read 'em and weep style report to us on the regime's operatives, and every report is getting worse. Please read to understand what goes on beneath our noses and help stop the coming civil war!
  • Stop the coming civil war

    By jimbongiorno
    I've found some of savage rants on the radio to be off putting but never the less valid. I read the book thinking that the title might be simply a sales gimmick. After reading it I'm not so sure that the title premise is not valid. I consider myself well read on politics and current events but savage gave several more insights into this corrupt government including goals and objectives.
  • Not worth your time

    By doctor-fox
    It is very hard to follow the author's train of thought. He routinely makes MASSIVE claims from small quotations with very little evidence to back it up. I understand if you are upset with the current administration, but it's hard to have a discussion with someone whose ideas don't make any sense.
  • Awake

    By Wirenut7
    Michael is a great Arthur it is the Paul Revere of our time if you read all his booksyou will slowly see how our country and our freedom for being taken away from us by greed Great book highly rhythmic amend it
  • One Man’s opinion

    By Mr_SilverStorm
    Please read this book and educate yourself from someone who has the intelligence and intellect laking amongst most of our leaders today.
  • Stop the Coming Civil War

    By Aubie4Ever
    Dr. Savage has done an excellent job exposing Obama and the liberal's agenda by extinguishing the smoke and breaking the mirrors! He simplifies what can be complicated material by thoroughly explaining what is really going on and provides a history into topics that help you "put the pieces together". I'm a regular listener of his talk show, "The Savage Nation" and I even learned things I didn't know before! I'm so glad he has gotten this book out before the midterm election, November 4th, because Americans are fed up with the Obama administration's lies and multiple scandals, we're broke and just plain mad. Let's turn this country back into the "old America" that I and so many others miss very much! Thank you Dr. Savage for putting your heart and soul into this book. Somebody had to have the guts to do it and forget the PC bologna. God bless you and God bless America.
  • Not afraid to say what needs to be said

    By Yoda18
    Love him or hate him, Michael hits the mark with this incredibly insightful book. I was skeptical at first and normally hate politics but this book has opened my eyes to the deceit we are experiencing from our government these days. He absolutely nails it. Great book!
  • Outstanding orator, incredibly entertaining

    By superman2534
    Everyone should experience Michael Savage.
  • Need I say more?

    By slot_junkie
    Michael Savage is the Paul Revere of our day. This book is a must read!