The Magic of Spices For Good Health and in Your Cuisine - Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

The Magic of Spices For Good Health and in Your Cuisine

By Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-02-27
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body


The Magic of Spices For Good Health and in Your Cuisine

Table of Content
Knowing More about Spices and Curry Powders
Garam Masala
Authentic Tandoori Mix
Curry Pastes
Red-Hot Curry Paste
Best Digestive Booster
Traditional Mint Chutney
Spicy Mint water – Jal-Jeera – Literally Water – Cumin Seeds
Making a Tamarind Infusion
Mint Tea
Are You Suffering from a Cough or Cold?
Suffering from Nausea and Diarrhea?
Asthma and Bronchitis Cure
Chillies – The Spice of Life
How to Use Chillies
Chilblains Treatment
Frequent Traveler Tip
Powdered Black Salt
Traditional Winter Hot Oil
Bishops Weed – Lovage
Lovage for Stomach Related Problems
Lovage cure for Gas and Constipation
Tummy Ache
Sinus Problems
Tempering with Asafoetida
Making ghee – clarified butter
Spiced Salt Recipe
Author Bio

The words “spice” in itself conjures up an exotic sense of something rare, something precious and valuable. Blessed be the man, who found out millenniums ago that there were grains, vegetables and fruit, which could be eaten and enjoyed. After that, there were other herbs which could enhance the taste of the pottages he made with the fruit, vegetables and grain. And then came more plant products, which he called spices, which would improve, enrich and heighten the eating experience.
These spices were dried flowers, nuts, pieces of bark and other parts of trees, bushes and shrubs growing around him. Mankind did not instantly and instinctively get to know about these herbs and spices. He just observed his livestock eating some dried berries without any harm coming to them. So he tried those berries with fear and trembling. This is how coffee was discovered millenniums ago by a goat herder in far-off exotic Araby.
He saw his goats munching on the dried berries of a plant. After that, he noticed that those goats were rather frisky and more energetic than their other companions. This adventurous goat herder, decided to collect the berries and grind them, because otherwise, they did not seem to be easily digestible. His wife must have told him to put them in water so that they could soften. Possibly they did not soften, but somebody drank that water. And that somebody showed quite an energetic display of enthusiasm and joie de vivre on a caffeine high.
And so coffee was discovered. So what is the ruling that many of the spices discovered by mankind down the millenniums were found in just such a chance manner?
Some spices are indigenous to particular areas of the world. That is why, they were very precious and used only by aristocrats. Medieval knights going away on their crusades were always told by their ladies to bring home spices. Not only would they gain respect in the eyes of their neighbors for having gone on The Crusades, but they could always sell the spices and become really rich.
Well, they were just following the patterns of their ancestors millenniums ago, when Kings, princes and captured aristocrats were ransomed in spices.