Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Strategy Guide -

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Strategy Guide


  • Release Date: 2014-04-16
  • Genre: Games


The world has moved on. Time is no more. People do not age but they can still die from accidents or murder. And so, the population has slowly dwindled and there remains only four main areas left in the world. Lightning awakens from her crystal slumber with one task: to save as many souls as she can before the world ends in thirteen days.

Join us as we scour every corner of Nova Chrysalia from the Wildlands to the Dead Dunes and back again.

In the main guide:

A complete guide as to the best way to complete each main quest, side quest and in what order
- Complete side quest and Canvas of Prayers sections
- Full Ultimate Lair walkthrough with optimal strategy for Ereshkigal
- Aeronite strategy and video
- Trophy and achievement guide.
- Revised final boss strategy