Treasures from the Journal of Discourses - Paul B. Skousen & Mrs. W. Cleon Skousen

Treasures from the Journal of Discourses

By Paul B. Skousen & Mrs. W. Cleon Skousen

  • Release Date: 2014-04-21
  • Genre: Christianity


The Journal of Discourses is a magnificent record of speeches, anecdotes and pioneer-era history that became a massive collection of 26 volumes totaling 11,000 pages. It is the record of spontaneous speeches by dozens of speakers, usually called upon without warning, with all the pressure and tension that today's teleprompters have successfully erased. Despite human foibles and difficulties, the speakers delivered rich testimonies and glimpses into the difficulties of a new church in a new land---serious, comical, difficult, heart wrenching. 

The Journals truly are an enriching treasury of delight that has now been mined in this concise collection of extracts and questions. 

Meaty doctrines, inspiring calls to service and faith, insights into forgotten history and struggles, are brought together in this single volume to give answers and perspective as delivered from a stalwart and pioneering pulpit of 150 years ago:

* How many earths are there?
* How many Redeemers and Tempters are there?
* Can resurrected people give birth, and if so, are the babies of flesh and bone, or spirits?
* How did plants and animals arrive on earth?
* What did Joseph Smith and others say about the US Constitution and freedom?
* How long does God want us to live in mortality?
* Is the United Order a form of socialism?
* What is our relationship to God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost?
* How does the power of the priesthood organize matter?
* What really happens to Sons of Perdition?
* What kind of knowledge should we seek? What about "the mysteries"?
* What is the source of adversity, discouragement and persecution, and what can we do about it?
* How does Satan work in our lives and how do we protect and strengthen ourselves to resist?
* Is vanity a problem?
* Was abortion an issue in the mid-1800s? What did the Brethren say about that?
* What did the Brethren say about socialism, communism, the Constitution, and the coming cleansing of America?
* What changes can we expect when the Millennium begins? 

Answers to these and a thousand more are listed in a Q&A format. First, a provocative question is presented to highlight the central message of a quote, and then the excerpt follows, with citations. The book is organized according to progression through the eternities---Heavenly Powers, our Pre-mortal Life existence, Earth Life, Opposing Forces, The Church, the Last Days, and After-life. The Treasures from the Journal of Discourses is a powerfully impactful exploration into the enticing realms of eternity. It is easily read from front to back, or delivers delightful insight with any random page. It is suitable reading for Latter-day Saints of all ages and persuasions looking for answers to questions that are hard to discover in today's busy world.