Korean Verbs - OpenStory Editorial Dept.

Korean Verbs

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

  • Release Date: 2014-05-23
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Version 1.2 updated on August 6, 2015: This update contains the use of verb conjugations.
「Korean Verbs: The most useful verbs when speaking」is an interactive book that help readers to memorize Korean verbs effectively. In this book, readers learn the most useful Korean verbs such as do (하다), have (가지다), eat(먹다) and buy (사다.)

How to use this book:
1. Open the book
2. See the picture and try to speak based on the text
3. Touch the picture
4. Hear the Korean native sound
5. Mimic the sound and memorize the sound
6. Touch the pencil icon and learn the meaning and how the verb can change the form in a sentence
7. Touch the clipboard icon and see the change/difference according to *speaking style

The design of this book helps readers to focus on what they see and hear and allows them to recognize and use the verb form when listening and speaking.

* Speaking style can be understood as the use of verb conjugations. It depends upon the verb tense, aspect, mood and social relation between the speaker, subjects and listeners.