TOPIK Practice 1 - OpenStory Editorial Dept.

TOPIK Practice 1

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

  • Release Date: 2014-06-01
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


TOPIK, or Test of Proficiency in Korean is a Korean language test offered five times annually to foreigners in Korea and twice annually to people studying Korean in other countries. 

"TOPIK Practice: Vocabulary & Grammar Level 1" is an interactive book that helps readers to practice TOPIK level 1 for Beginners effectively. Through this book, readers study the question types for the Level 1 test and learn the sample questions from previous TOPIK tests. 

How to use this book: 
1. Open the book
2. Answer the question 
3. Find out whether your answer is correct or not by touching a box
4. Touch the sound icon 
5. Hear the correct answer and memorize the sentence   

The design of this book helps readers to focus on what they see and hear and allows them to keep practicing TOPIK with the joy of learning.