Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise Part 1 - Gene Luen Yang & Various Authors

Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise Part 1

By Gene Luen Yang & Various Authors

  • Release Date: 2012-01-24
  • Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Score: 4.5
From 1,095 Ratings


The wait is over! Ever since the conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender, its millions of fans have been hungry for more—and it's finally here!

This series of digests rejoins Aang and friends for exciting new adventures, beginning with a faceoff against the Fire Nation that threatens to throw the world into another war, testing all of Aang's powers and ingenuity!

* The continuation of Airbender and the link to its upcoming sequel, Legend of Korra!

* Written by Gene Luen Yang, author of the National Book Award-nominated American Born Chinese.


  • Wow

    By lynzmiller
    This is honestly amazing the writing is amazing I went a bit of order in the avatar comics and I know what’s going to happen but I’m still on the edge of my seat except for katara and Anng saying sweetie this is perfect like the show
  • Great

    By The dumbest game ever
    This is amazing, it’s just like the show
  • Such A AMAZING Book!

    By BlueBerryFERNAAAAA
    Why hello there fellow ATLA fans! My Name Is “ What Lies In Fiona’s Mind!” 😆 Ik it’s a little weird but it fits! Any who... * takes deep breath * ( Get ) *huffs* ( Ready!) * puffs * THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!! As you can see what lies on my mind is ATLA and I recommend this to whoever is watching ATLA ( Avatar The Last Airbender ) I mean once you get to the end of the show...WOO.... you get that sickening feeling in your stomach that’s like “Holy Poop, what Roller Coaster did you just go on?!?!?” But you also LOVE the feeling and you don’t want it to go away! Omg 😆 I’m so off track! NOW~ BACK TO THE REVIEW! As I was saying, this is such a great continuation of the TV show, though my one complaint is how Aang and Katara are calling each other “Sweetie” And I am the biggest love fan of those two! I’ve been wanting them to get together since Day 1 Episode 1! And Ik they love each other and I’m happy for them but it’s just a tad bit weird for their age, I always think that “ Sweetie” was just used buy married people and other people who have been together for a while, and it’s just been a year for them, that’s just my opinion. Anyways.. 😋 I L-O-V-E Toph in it, LOL! She is so cool! I love her Metal-Bending School! My Favorite Person from her school Is..... * Says in spooky voice* tHe DaRk OnE!!!!! 😆😆😆 I’m Laughing so frikken hard right now! I love how she takes charge and decides to share with the world her amazing gift she has! You go girl! Anywho....next person... Ah! Sokka My MAN! Sokka, is written and illustrated very nicely, though idk what it is he just kinda looks and sounds, just kinda.. off? You know? * Says in Orderly voice* NEXT! Next Ones up is Katara & Aang! I’m Gonna do them both at the same time cause I don’t want run outta space 😆! Katara & Aang seem like the perfect couple to me! Not counting the “ Sweetie” part. I love how much Katara has grown, and how powerful she is w/ Waterbending. So Cool! And Aang, is well Aang! AMAZING!!! I’ve always had a crush on him lol! He is my FAVE Avatar, yet again I love how much he has grown and how great of a bender he is! Alright Sadly this is the end of my review ☹️ Love all you ATLA & LOK Fans Out There! Bye!
  • Avatar Season 5 Episode 1 (basically) (and short)

    By BostonRock27
    It’s short for $7! I read this less then 20min but it’s really good especially the ending...
  • Short but enjoyable

    By izzyoolala
    Problem number 1 I definitely think that it’s too short. I think that if the writers put all three parts into on book them sold it for $9.99 it would be awesome. Problem number 2 I’m one to LOVE love stories but Kataang seems a little bit overdone. Them saying “Sweetie” so often seems annoying and unlike them. Problem 3 So a lot of people don’t seem like themselves. Toph is spot on but that’s kinda it. Aang is too lovey-dovey to Katara and Katara is too focused on their relationship and seems too dependent. Sokka’s close but he seems too baby-ish and not as strong or as important to the group. Zuko also seems a little too immature and worried. Favorite 1 Toph is still the comic relief and is still just as good of an earthbender as she was in the show. Favorite 2 Katara and Aang are genuinely in love with each other. I REALLY hate the sweetie thing though. I kinda just imagined it as them saying each other’s names but that doesn’t change it. Again, I do really love that they are a serious couple.
  • Great story!

    By Maravicky
    I really loved seeing what became of our beloved characters. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.
  • Yes

    By No words I love this
  • This is awesome!

    By Nova Stark
    I don't typically like comic books, but I really liked this one. Partially from the fact that that I'm a huge avatar the last airbender fan, also this book is really well written the graphics are amazing! I'm definitely going read this series!
  • Amazing...

    By Ethan BackBender
    I finished the show and now moved on to the comics, i feel they are a bitttt short but I love them. it just hurts knowing how L.O.K. portrayed these characters in the way they did.
  • Amazing team

    By rychrisfar321123
    Great stuff