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    It is good
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    By Very godd book
    This is amazing!!!
  • Nostalgia

    By BallinOnABudget253
    As many are doing, I am submerging into the world of ATLA.... again! This is probably one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. That being said, I am familiar with how the characters interact. Love the continuation of the story through these graphic novels. However, the illustrations don’t match the original series as much as I’d like. Zuko looks skinnier, younger, not as fit and grown up as he was in the tv series. Katara does not seem as strong and independent as she used to be. The “sweetie” dynamic between her and aang is... too much for me, personally. I can understand a honeymoon phase or something, but aang seems a little too immature for what is he now, 14? Katara is like boy crazy little girl over aang now too and it makes her seem immature. Sokka could look a little more strong too, his jaw looks a little soft compared to the tv series. Still love the adventures. Miss toph. I hope azula comes around. So proud of zuko and I miss uncle iroh!