When Shadows Fall - Barbara Freethy

When Shadows Fall

By Barbara Freethy

  • Release Date: 2014-09-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 219 Ratings


"Barbara Freethy is always at the top of her game writing a suspenseful, heartwarming story from start to finish. WHEN SHADOWS FALL is truly a page turner you don't want to put down and it will warm your heart." Faye

Olivia Bennett is a biographer, a narrator of lives far more interesting than her own. When she volunteers to write down the memories of Eleanor Callaway, an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's, she gets caught up in a compelling story of a great love and a terrible secret. Suddenly, she is no longer a spectator but an investigator, and in her quest for the truth, she not only finds herself at odds with Eleanor's sexy and very protective grandson Colton Callaway, but she also discovers a more personal connection to Eleanor's past. 

Colton is a firefighter, a man used to going after what he wants and getting it. He pushes the limits, takes chances, and is willing to risk everything to save a life, especially if that life belongs to his grandmother. 

As Olivia and Colton stir up the smoldering embers of the past, they soon come to realize that the greatest danger may not come from those who want to protect their secrets, but from each other. The one thing neither of them has ever been willing to risk is their heart. 

What the readers are saying…

"I am left speechless. Each Callaway makes me fall in love a bit more. In WHEN SHADOWS FALL, Colton and Olivia are perfection. They shine brightly and leave you with no doubts about their HEA.Thank you Barbara Freethy for another well written heart touching testament to all that is good and right in our world." Shannon

"Barbara Freethy does it again, with characters so real and a mystery that has been simmering through the series. The idea that someone getting who you really are can be life changing is very real for me. A great story. I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys Nora Roberts, Marie Force, Robyn Carr or Susan Mallery." Libby

"I found WHEN SHADOWS FALL intriguing, fun and full of hope. I like how all the characters of the Callaway family are mentioned and entwined into the story but the author never loses focus on the main characters . I always look forward to her next story." Christy

"This series is awesome! Barbara Freethy is an amazing author who brings you into the book like you are part of the family. Not having a big family, I really love reading all the family dynamics and the characters are just great! If you haven't read anything by Barbara Freethy, go get something, you will not be disappointed." Suzanne 

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  • When Shadows Fall

    By vgeron
    I have read all 7 books of the Calloways and thoroughly enjoyed all of the books. Not only did they have romance, they had suspense and secrets. These books really kept you reading and you didn’t want to stop reading them, you always wanted to get to the next book.
  • possibly my favorite of the series.

    By glhince
    As the series winds to an end, the long-hinted at but unrevealed secret held by Eleanor Callaway, matron of the clan has been dancing at the edges of the story, hinted at but yet unspoken. Olivia is fascinated with family, and the relationships that form the base of the Callaway family’s strength are intertwined in ways that make a Gordian knot jealous. Without the benefit of her own family relationships, Olivia’s determination to learn about the dynamics as she details lives for the biographies she writes are full of honest detail, no issue or secret stays covered for long. Eleanor has held a secret for years, but with age her health and mental capacity have started to fail, and Alzheimer’s is starting to rear its ugly head. Colton Callaway is Ellie’s grandson, and is not at all happy with Olivia’s arrival. Fortunately, while his grandfather needs to leave Ellie for a bit, Colton is on leave from the fire department after an injury, and he is willing and able to step into the role of Ellie’s protector. Olivia was wonderful: determined, caring and surprisingly good at coaxing Ellie’s memory back to task as she slowly reveals her life and the series of safe houses and transport that she and others offered to victims of domestic violence. Colt, on the other hand was a jerk. Gorgeous and a Callaway, I don’t think anyone ever challenged him or his authority in his life, until Olivia. He’s controlling and patronizing, and while he’s got an ‘idea’ of what Olivia’s writing style is, for some reason he thinks that her purpose is to expose and shame his grandmother. Colt and Olivia are thrown together frequently, well, he actually dogs her footsteps like a puppy, but the time together allows him to see that even Olivia has secrets, and it forces him to actually look to his own life. Colt is controlling in every aspect of his life BUT his own reaction to what he believes are expectations of the family. He went into firefighting because it was the family ‘thing’ and he’s good at it for the same reason. But, his heart really isn’t in it, even though he’s not strong enough to step away to find his own purpose. So, he controls everything else that he can, with an iron fist. I wasn’t completely on board with their romance, mostly because I never had that moment of redemption for Colt, that I felt he so desperately needed. Olivia’s own personal story is directly affected by the secret that Ellie and the ladies in her drama group have held for half a century, and the unraveling of that secret and the revelations that it brought for Olivia, and her handling of Colt and his overbearing yet insecure behaviors was cleverly drawn and portrayed. What emerges is the sense that the Callaways were born to a family dedicated to protect: with both Ellie’s quest with her drama ladies and the family tradition of firefighting, they have chosen to help and protect those who don’t always have the ability to overcome tragic circumstances. A lovely revelation of Ellie with a solid character in Olivia and a romance that brings yet another Callaway into the growth they needed, this was possibly my favorite of the series. I received an eBook copy of the title from the author via Novel Publicity for purpose of honest review for a blog event. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
  • Not my favorite Callaway story

    By yesthattoo
    Fun to read but, for me, not as as good as the others. Colton didn't have quite enough texture to him. So much plot was focused on the mystery that the chemistry between Colton and Olivia got lost.
  • ❤️ Love The Callaways series

    By jentinerv
    The story of Colton and Olivia was exciting, suspenseful, and so much intrigue. I could not put the book down, I needed to know what happened next. I can't wait for #8 with Burkes story and still be able to here what is going on with the other family members. Just AWESOME!!!!