Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans - Denise Grover Swank

Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2014-11-04
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 560 Ratings


Book Six in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series

Rose is called into action when Neely Kate’s cousin goes missing and the police refuse to take it seriously. But while the authorities—Rose’s ex-boyfriend, included—are certain the missing woman has run away, mounting evidence points to foul play. Rose agrees to help her friend, even if it means partaking in Neely Kate’s shenanigans, including an impromptu trip to a strip club.

And because trouble never comes without a guest, Skeeter Malcolm, Fenton County’s newly crowned underground king, resurfaces, saying he needs Rose’s visionary gift to track down his enemies. He makes her the only offer she can’t refuse: The guaranteed safety of her assistant DA boyfriend, Mason Deveraux, who is being threatened by forces unknown. The Fenton County law enforcement is still abuzz about the infamous Lady in Black, who took part in the underground auction that earned Skeeter his crown. Can Rose risk a reprisal of her role?

As the stakes continue to rise and the search for Neely Kate’s cousin becomes increasingly complicated, Rose must struggle to keep both her secret identity and her sanity.


  • Rose continues to excite...

    By Hlgpooh
    Rose continues to grow and her involvement in the Henrietta underground crime world is getting deeper. It seems like Rose is getting in a little over her head, but she will stop at nothing if it means guaranteeing the safety of her boyfriend, Mason. Even if she has to make a deal with Skeeter Malcolm. As the series progresses, each book seems to be getting more and more complex. I can't wait to see where the series goes next.
  • Great Series

    By bengalfan78
    Denise Grover Swank does it again. You would think that after 6 novels and three novellas you would be tried of Rose Gardner and her crazy group of friend, but your not. Each book is amazing awesome and leaves you wanting more of Rose and her life. Rose's life is not quieter or less complicated then when it all began. Sometimes I think Rose needs a vacation from Fenton, but have a feeling trouble would just follow her wherever she went. Rose is truly a magnet for trouble, but I wouldn't want it any other way. What I love about Rose is her fiercenss and loyalty to the people she cares about. She doesn't hold grudges or judget the people in her life. Her friendship with Neely Kate is wonderful to see in a book. Women can be portrayed as frenimes or have some sort of level of cattines, but these two are true best friend soulmates and their journey in this book is truly special.
  • Best Mystery Series

    By Dagmabbit
    This is the best series I have ever read! I can't get enough and when I finish one book I need and want more! If you haven't started this series you should. You will love it. And the in between books are awesome also. Denise is the best! It's like these people are real and you can feel the emotions! Keep writing in the Rose Gardner Series please!!!

    By Hushpuppy53
    I'm not a reader, but with Denise you can't help yourself!!! You just can't put her books down! All I kept saying is one more chapter 7 chapters later! You have to read this series!!!
  • Fantastic, again

    By Sierra82614
    So wonderful. I can't stop reading until I finish each novel, causing many late nights and sleepy days.
  • Rose on the go again!

    By Tess425
    I love Rose and Neely Kate! Shenanigans is the perfect word for what Rose and Neely Kate are up too. Instead of trouble finding Rose, Neely Kate leads Rose right into a heaping pile of it! Dolly Parton, Neely Kate's cousin went missing, the girls head out to find out what happened. At the same time Lady is being called back to service. Will she accept or retire? What does the men is Rose's life have to say about this? Rose's life is about to get whole lot more complicated!
  • Love it!!

    By Bri Kallstrom
    This is my favorite book from the series, rose really turns into a beautiful independent women and Neely Kate really stands out as a character. There are so many surprises and hilarious moments in this book it was so hard to put it down the first and the second and the third time!!!
  • Awesome series!!

    By goofysandra
    As always another great read by Denise. Love watching Rose get more independent and stronger with each book. And oh my the shenanigans that Rose and Neely Kate get into had me laughing throughout the book. Denise always pulls you into the story and the characters like no one else can. I was hoping for more about Mason and Joe working together to bring down J.R., but I know that I need to be patient, that it is coming in future books.
  • Great

    By Grandma PNR
    Really liked this series. Has a little of everything in it. Great read
  • Rose, Rose,Rose!!!!

    By CeCeCross
    Finally!! Best series yet! All the characters come to life when I read this series, heart pound, pulse racing, page turner!! Now, on to the next Book 7