Fantasy Football for Smart People: Lessons from RotoAcademy (Volume 1.0) - Jonathan Bales

Fantasy Football for Smart People: Lessons from RotoAcademy (Volume 1.0)

By Jonathan Bales

  • Release Date: 2014-06-18
  • Genre: Football


RotoAcademy is the world's first fantasy football training school. I founded RotoAcademy to bridge the gap between the average fantasy football player and the game's elite, and I've teamed up with some of fantasy football's top minds to create educational lessons designed to help you win your league. In this inaugural Volume 1.0 edition of Lessons from RotoAcademy, you'll learn:

· How to Project Rookies (and Why They Matter)
· How to Quantify Offensive Line Play
· Why Your Draft Picks Suck (and How to Fix It)
· How to Project Players on New Teams
· What Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Fantasy Football
· And a Whole Lot More

One of the traits that separates RotoAcademy from other fantasy sports services is that we take a truly scientific approach to the game, valuing the pursuit of knowledge as highly as the knowledge itself. We'll show you the latest theories, trends, and stats in fantasy football, but more important, we'll teach you how to be flexible enough to change your strategies based on new evidence. Whether you want to dominate your fantasy football draft or gain an in-season edge, Lessons from RotoAcademy (Volume 1.0) will show you how to approach the game more analytically to become a true long-term winner.