Korean Idioms - OpenStory Editorial Dept.

Korean Idioms

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

  • Release Date: 2014-06-29
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


"Korean Idioms: The most useful four-character idioms when learning Korean" is an interactive book that helps readers to learn 4-character idioms (사자성어: SaJaSeongEo) effectively. In this book, readers study the most useful Korean idioms such as 선남선녀(SeonNamSeonNyeo), 문전성시(MunJeonSeongSi) and 산해진미(SanHaeJinMi).

How to use this book: 
1. Open the book
2. Read the text on the top of the page and touch the text 
3. Hear the Korean native sound
3. Touch the pencil icon 
4. Find out the meaning 
5. Mimic the sound with ruminating the meaning 

The design of this book helps readers to focus on what they see and hear and allows them to practice and review what they have learned.