Korean - Number & Counting - OpenStory Editorial Dept.

Korean - Number & Counting

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

  • Release Date: 2014-07-06
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


"Korean - Number & Counting" is an interactive book that helps readers to learn numbers and money counting in Korean. In this book, readers study the Korean numeral system and practice counting money with South Korean won. 

How to use this book: 
1. Open the book
2. See numbers and 
3. Touch the block or picture 
4. Discover the hidden text 
5. Repeat Step 1~3 until the page 36 
While studying the first part of the book you will recognize how the Korean numeral system works. If you don't see the pattern of the numeral system go back to the page 1.  

At the page 37, you will learn South Korean currency with pictures (10 won ~ 50,000 won)
1. Count money based on the picture 
2. Speak the number out loud 
3. Touch the picture 
4. Hear the sound
5. Touch the pencil icon 
6. Discover the answer

The unique design of this book helps readers to focus on what they see & hear and allows them to easily learn and practice numbers and money counting in Korean. 
Download the sample book and find out how it works.