Theory of Thought - Jason Shaw

Theory of Thought

By Jason Shaw

  • Release Date: 2014-07-01
  • Genre: Philosophy


ALL MEN BY NATURE DESIRE TO KNOW  – Aristotle [Metaphysics, 350 B.C.] 

  I present to you an architecture for the interaction of symbols in a hyper-dimensional space, called mindspace. It reveals a theory of everything that explains the principles found in philosophy, religion, and science as being reflective of hidden patterns.

Discover the basic structure of a symbol and its forces of attraction that pull on the minds of people...


  Theory of Thought explores a very broad base of topics including metaphysics, mind vs. body, Plato's theory of forms, number theory, quantum theory, energy, economics, cognition, and geometry. It combines all of these topics using a unique methodology called 'conceptual layering'.  By referencing exactly five types of patterns, this process ties hundreds of individual diagrams together and demonstrates that these patterns are hyper-dimensional structures which manifest everything we know about the material Universe.

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'Just finished your book and it really is a work of art. I really enjoyed it once I started just ripping through it.'  – Andres Gutierrez

'A Masterpiece!'  – Scott McDonald