A Beginner’s Guide to Disaster Management - Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

A Beginner’s Guide to Disaster Management

By Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-07-22
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Home


A Beginner’s Guide to Disaster Management
Survival kits, 72 hour Kits and Disaster Control Tips

Table of Contents
Facing Disaster down the Ages
Getting To Know More about Survival Kits
For Warmth and Shelter-
First Aid Supply
Do You Need Identification Tags?
Preparing Your 72 Hour Kit
Why Passports?
Survival – Psychological Effect Of a Disaster
Training Your Family for Survival
Practice Building a Shelter Outdoors
Food to Survive
Disaster Management Classes – Yes or No?
Family disaster plans
Making Biltong the traditional way
Author Bio-
This book is all about survival – survival of the fittest, survival during man-made and natural calamities and catastrophes, and how to cope with disaster.
I will be telling you about historical and present-day examples in this book, about disaster management and about attitudes of people when faced with disaster. So this book is just not about managing a disaster on a personal level, it is How about coping and being prepared for disaster when and where it strikes.
The 21st century, unfortunately, with its state-of-the-art technology and technical development is one of the most dangerous eras in the history of mankind. However much we talk about world peace, we know in our hearts of hearts that that will never happen, because then man will not have anything else on which to quarrel and argue with his fellow man.
Good sense has never been the first priority of mankind when ambition and greed and ulterior motives of Ich Uber Alles lurks in the hearts of men. And that is his first instinct, conquer, rule, and destroy.
Apart from man-made catastrophes, unfortunately, Nature has also begun to take a hand in the process of destruction. And she is more powerful than 1000 nuclear bombs. In fact, she is quite capable of putting man in his tiny little space in her scheme of things. So one may survive the wrath of man against man, but one is rather helpless when faced with nature in all her destructive splendor and glory.
And that is why man has to use his good sense to face reality and understand that his family and his survival depends on a little bit of strategic planning, right now, when he has the time and means to gather unto himself the necessary things which can mean life and death, for he and his family.
Now what made me decide to write on survival with tips and techniques?
I was rather surprised, when I went to a friend’s house, and saw that she had four bags packed and placed at strategic exits. When she saw me looking at them, quizzically, she just told me, “Oh, those are just our family survival kits. It is better to be safer than to be sorry and to be caught napping and unprepared.”
I came back home and began to think. Now, here was a clearheaded family, who knew that disaster could strike anywhere, anytime. Besides, we live in an area, which is prone to earthquakes. Waking up in the middle of the night, to find our ceiling trembling is part and parcel of our lives and we have got used to it. Also, we know that one fine day, it may literally and figuratively fall on us.