Best Laid Plans - Tamie Dearen

Best Laid Plans

By Tamie Dearen

  • Release Date: 2014-08-05
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 69 Ratings


Once a player, always a player? "Not so," insists Charlie's stepdad, a former player himself.

Living in Colorado, Charlotte "Charlie" Best has denied having any feelings for Josh--a self-proclaimedreformed player--for the past two years. But seeing him again, now she's moved to New York City, forces her to admit the truth. She's in love with him. Too bad he's about to marry her friend, Olivia.

Will he ever get a break? Josh Branson has spent the last two years working to be the kind of man Charlie deserves. Now she's in town but instead of taking his time to win her over, he needs to get married as soon as possible. Surely his good friend Olivia will help him out.

Schemes fall apart as too many matchmakers--Charlie included--work at cross-purposes to bring Josh together with the woman they think he loves.

"If you like Hallmark movies, you'll love The Best Girls!" 

"All three books have been fantastic, but this one really had me on edge and yelling at Josh and Charlie to talk to each other for cryin' out loud!!!"

(Author Note: The chronological order of The Best Girls is 1-2-4-3.)


  • Favorite in the series

    By penny42058
    I think this is my favorite book in the Best Girl’s series. I absolutely loved Charlie. She was a strong female that loved competing against men and winning. Two years ago, Josh feel in love with Charlie, but she didn’t believe him. She returned to Colorado and carried on with her life. Now, she’s living in New York City and getting ready to see Josh for the first time at their friend’s wedding rehearsal. Josh has just learned he needs to get married and fast. Is the person he asks Charlie? No, it isn’t. He asks Olivia, his co-worker at the hospital. No spoilers, but I will say this book had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Grab your copy and see what happens as their friends and family tries to get these two soulmates together.
  • Best Laid Plans

    By cali fan
    Your writing is amazing. Your way of encompassing events in today’s world and weaving it into your writing is a tribute . It is very hard to put your books down . Thank you very much.
  • Four stars

    By Cdastrf456
    Not as good as the others. A little too much drama for me. Just felt like there was to much going on. Some parts still had me on the edge of my seat and she is still a good writer.