America: Imagine a World without Her by Dinesh D'Souza -- Summary - Omar Elbaga

America: Imagine a World without Her by Dinesh D'Souza -- Summary

By Omar Elbaga

  • Release Date: 2014-08-29
  • Genre: Study Aids


"D'Souza shares profound insight and intriguing context opposing the many arguments that aim to discredit America's reputation."
"A fresh perspective on the land of the free."

This book is a summary of the original book "America: Imagine a World without Her" that was written by Dinesh D'Souza compiled for you so that you can take away the major ideas and change your life in the shortest amount of time possible. This book is for you if you want to devour the greatest books even with a busy schedule. It makes for a great companion and guide to the original book.

Have you ever heard people accusing America of being conquerors and oppressors? D’Souza attacks the various accusations against America made by who he calls the Progressives: that America is a nation built upon theft, extortion and conquest. D’Souza shows how the Progressives' Anti-American ideology is dragging America towards self-destruction. He shows how the Progressives' political agenda intends to drag America into decline and relinquish its place on the world stage. 

Despite his strong opinions, there are many aspects to his book that feel optimistic. D’Souza believes that by arming the reader with the knowledge necessary to combat progressives arguments we can save America from it’s doom.