Mongweet: The Mosquito Vampire. And Other Short Stories. - John Bartlett

Mongweet: The Mosquito Vampire. And Other Short Stories.

By John Bartlett

  • Release Date: 2014-08-30
  • Genre: Horror


"Mongweet: The Mosquito Vampire. And other Short Stories." is a collection of eight, adult short stories of mixed genre, macabre and action.

"Mongweet, The Mosquito Vampire": A stressed-out woman gets bit by a mosquito and morphs into a creature that loses her sense of morality and threatens the lives of her family. Have you ever been so stressed out that you made monstrous decisions?

"Skullduggery": A motorcycle biker, down on his luck, gets caught in a scheme of drugs, money and murder. Is there someone you care enough about that you would do anything for, even murder?

"The Tarot Hypnotist": A tarot card reader hypnotizes her client during a card reading and follows her into unknown spiritual territory, as she deals with her own fears. Have you made the decision that there is a spiritual dimension?

"Moon Man": A father tries to protect his son in a forest cabin from a creature spawned by energy from the moon. Where do YOUR children's monsters come from?

"Jacob's Laughter": Young man believes that he has outsmarted the devil, but the last laugh may be on him. Your true beliefs come out when you're ashamed.

"Bank Vault Aliens": Bank manager uncovers a secret plot in an alien labyrinth that explains the insane condition of the world today. Remember those childhood dreams of yours? Maybe they were real.

"Woof Man": After a terrible battle to the death, a faithful dog transforms into the master. Are your actions as moral as your words?

"Zombies: The Exhibition": A married couple goes out for a pleasant night at the museum, but bizarre life can flourish in unexpected places. Express your true feelings before they express themselves to you!