A Beginners Guide to Herb Gardens: Herb Gardening in Your Home - Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

A Beginners Guide to Herb Gardens: Herb Gardening in Your Home

By Dueep Jyot Singh & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-07-29
  • Genre: Gardening


A Beginners Guide to Herb Gardens - Herb Gardening in Your Home

Table of Contents
Which Herbs To Grow
Where Do You Grow Herbs?
Best Soil for Herbs.
Planning Your Garden
Chessboard Garden
Propagation of Herbs
Growing through Cuttings.
Test – Have Roots Been Formed
Herb Plant Division.
Plant maintenance
Harvesting Your Plants.
Root Plants.
Whole Plant Harvesting
Leaves Harvesting.
Herbal Harvesting
Flowers Harvesting
Seed Harvesting
Drying Your Herbs.
Herb Storing
Using Herbs
Herbal tips
Bouquet Garni
Omelette aux herbes fines
Making Herb Tea
Author Bio
I have already written about how to make a herb garden in another gardening book- How to make a Herb Garden – in our Gardening series, but the gardener cum herbalist is going to get an even more extensive knowledge about how to make a full-fledged herbal garden in this book.
Perfumes, juices, oils and other products extracted from seeds, leaves, shoots, and bark of the herbs have been used since the earliest times in religious ceremonies, and in cooking. Magicians used them in making mysterious potions to impress the credulous public.
Herb essential oils along with parts of herbs have long been in use down the millenniums to make natural beauty products.
The oracles of Delphi were women who had been “intoxicated” on fumes of deadly nightshade, which would make them hallucinate. And then with bay leaves in their mouths-these leaves were considered sacred to Apollo – they used to predict the future. No wonder not many could understand them or interpret their sayings. So each hearer chose the one which suited his requirements the best, and believed the Gods had spoken.

Today, these herbs are usually grown for their great value in cooking. That is why it is well worth finding a small place for herbs in any garden. The 21st century world is also slowly and steadily getting back to the idea that the herbal remedies, which were used in alternative medicine in ancient civilizations of the East and West had curative properties.
The Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, Greek and other knowledgeable people all over the world used these herbs, and derived all the healthy benefits of them as often as they could.