David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell - Summary - Omar Elbaga

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell - Summary

By Omar Elbaga

  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Genre: Study Aids


"Your weakness could actually be your strength."
"A must read for anyone trying to achieve success in life."

This book is a summary of the original book "David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants" that was written by Malcolm Gladwell compiled for you so that you can take away the major ideas and change your life in the shortest amount of time possible. This book is for you if you want to devour the greatest books even with a busy schedule. It makes for a great companion to the original book.

People traditionally perceive the underdog as the weaker competitor bound to lose. However, Gladwell refutes this common belief by first telling the tale of David and Goliath and then other stories of how “underdogs” defeated their fiercest competitors. People commonly consider limiting traits and resources as a disadvantage in life, but Gladwell demonstrates how these perceived limitations can be your greatest advantage, while perceived advantages may actually lead to one’s downfall in life.