The Murder Game - Katherine Ramsland & Gregg Olsen

The Murder Game

By Katherine Ramsland & Gregg Olsen

  • Release Date: 2014-09-26
  • Genre: True Crime


The latest in the New York Times bestselling series, Notorious USA! 

Surrounded by the Great Lakes and divided in two, Michigan has a special mystique. Violence extends from a city like Detroit to more genteel college towns, lake resorts, and the murky backwoods. A deer hunter might stumble into Deliverance, a child could meet a serial killer, or a love-struck admirer may focus on a killer. Here, we have murders turned into movies, record victim tolls, innocent choices that led to horror, and the darkest side of high society. 

“Katherine Ramsland has made many valuable contributions to the fields of forensic psychology, crime analysis and criminal justice as exemplified in her books The Human Predator and The Mind of a Murderer among others. It is rare to find someone with the breadth and depth of knowledge that Dr. Ramsland commands, even more so for such an individual to also be a gifted teacher and a wise and compassionate human being." 
—Former FBI profiler, Gregg McCrary