The Other Doorway - Alex R Casey

The Other Doorway

By Alex R Casey

  • Release Date: 2014-10-08
  • Genre: Paranormal


A young couple and their cat named Crackers are having a hard time making it from payday to payday.
Todd the husband had an accident leaving him with medical problems, and cannot hold down a job.
Jody his wife is the only wage earner.
Events lead to where Todd is sent to the University to hopefully benefit from the Doctor who once practiced psychiatry.
Todd is hired as an assistant, and becomes the center of the psychiatric experiment.
An accident causes the experiment to go wrong and Todd's spirit is thrust out of his body. Once the Doctor and Todd realize what is happening the whole intended psychiatric experiment takes an entirely different direction.
Todd who is sent to investigate the spirit world finds there are many dangers to avoid.
On one of Todd's missions into the spirit world a desperate rescue is required.
There is revenge, unwanted police involvement, espionage, kidnapping, and a murder to solve.
The whole family becomes involved with the spirit world experiment.