Lesbianism Made Easy - Helen Eisenbach

Lesbianism Made Easy

By Helen Eisenbach

  • Release Date: 2014-12-16
  • Genre: Humor


The essential guide to enjoying modern lesbianism

These days, lesbians are everywhere you turn, streaming for your entertainment or commenting on the important political movements and hairdos of the day. Yet as more doors open on this often-misunderstood world, who hasn’t found him- or herself wondering how he or she might uncover the secrets, experience the glamour, enjoy the special advantages of lesbianism?
Helen Eisenbach’s hilariously irreverent guide provides a front-row seat to a largely female universe where love, lust, and forbidden laughter are just a fingertip away. Sharing hard-earned truths with sly insight and wit, Eisenbach reveals the fascinating inside story of a growing culture and shows how anyone can acquire the skills and state of mind to be a lesbian.
From flirting to family values, from work to play, from enlightening friends, relatives, or strangers to figuring out how to have sex with women or choose a pet, Lesbianism Made Easy answers all your questions—and some you didn’t know you had.

“Smart, racy, and laugh-out-loud funny. The best social satire since Fran Lebowitz’s Metropolitan Life.” —Ethan Mordden
“A funny, insightful guide to discovering the lesbian within.” —USA Today
“Hilarious . . . I annoyed friends and strangers alike for weeks performing great hunks of the book.” —Bay Area Reporter
“A barbed and breezy how-to.” —Out
“Relentless bonne vivante Eisenbach shows a keen understanding of feminine psychology. I’m rereading the dirty parts.” —The Village Voice
“Dead-on and sage. An upbeat vision of all-girl sex at its finest.” —Ron Hogan
“Canny and campy, tender but butch, trashy, sexy, witty and informative.” —John Weir
“A hysterically witty contribution to lesbian life.” —Judy Grahn
“A welcome relief from the self-help books that take themselves ever-so-seriously. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal
“Funny and long-needed . . . Eisenbach has walked the entire concept of the self-help book upstairs.”—Harry Shearer
“Eisenbach answers the difficult questions . . . and the easy ones.” —Los Angeles Times
“A very silly book.” —Claire Rayner
“There won’t be a dry seat in the house.” —Holly Hughes
“Silly girl.” —Rita Mae Brown
“A triumph—the straighter you are, the more you’ll enjoy it!” —Elaine Stritch
“Snap it up. It’s a million laughs.” —Liz Smith

Helen Eisenbach writes comedies for both screen and stage and has published two books, the novel Loonglow and the slyly optimistic how-to Lesbianism Made Easy. Her essays, reviews, and interviews may be read at the Huffington Post and 429Magazine and have appeared in New York magazine, the New York Times, Salon, Newsday, Time Out New York, Interview, the New York Daily News, and other tasteful publications. She has been a book and magazine editor at several outlets that no longer exist, and now works at a mainstream publication whose fate remains uncertain. She is currently developing several screenplays and a new novel.