The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits - John Warren

The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits

By John Warren

  • Release Date: 2014-11-14
  • Genre: Industries & Professions


The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits addresses the financial issues facing the nonprofit organization in today’s challenging economy. The book contains background information that will be helpful to every administrator and board member serving nonprofit organizations, and it contains a helpful diagnostic tool so that each organization can evaluate its financial condition.

The book provides an inside look at the banking industry in an effort to level the playing field for those nonprofit administrators who manage their company’s banking relationships. Concepts such as the banking industry’s perception of nonprofits, the credit approval process, and the reasons that some nonprofits aren’t considered to be desirable customers for banks are discussed. In addition to a thorough understanding of the banking industry, the reader will learn about alternative financing that is available to many nonprofits at favorable terms.
Financial management, strategic planning, banking relationship management, fundraising, management, and marketing management are discussed in an easy to read style that will benefit nonprofit board members and managers alike. Real world examples are provided based on the author’s extensive experience in consulting with nonprofits including churches, Christian schools, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations.

A compilation of common pitfalls and a practical financial tool kit are included in addition to a discussion of value growth duration – an investment banking concept that contains helpful guidance for the nonprofit which is looking to improve its financial strength for the future. This concept is a game changer for the nonprofit looking to improve operating results as well as its balance sheet strength.

Woven throughout the book are stories of God’s grace and provision. Principled solutions which are consistent with Scripture are included in a “financial tool kit” which equips the nonprofit administrator and board member to run the organization with sound business principles. Best practices among Christian nonprofits are shared, and financial management is discussed in the context of enhancing focus on the mission rather than allowing financial distress to detract from the goals of the organization.

The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits is a must read for administrators, board members and senior managers of nonprofits of all types and sizes.