Learn How to Draw Animal Cartoons For the Beginner - Paolo Lopez de Leon & John Davidson

Learn How to Draw Animal Cartoons For the Beginner

By Paolo Lopez de Leon & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-12-04
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Learn How to Draw Animal Cartoons For the Beginner

First Lesson the Basic Shapes
--For the Circles
--For the Square
--For the Triangle
The Second Lesson: Dimension and Depth with Colors
Application of Shapes
--The Penguin vs. Fish
--The Smiling Rhino
--The Running Basilisk and the Hungry Piranhas
Light source and Cast Shadow
Application of the Lessons Learned
--The Sheep
--Brown Horse
--Young Elephant
--The Eagle
Using Soft Pastel to Color Cartoons
The Gangster Frog and the Snail
Author Bio


First and foremost, thank you for picking up this eBook as your guide in Animal Cartoons, this eBook is design for the beginners as well other aspiring artist who want to enhance their skills in doing Cartoons, and most especially to just anyone who want to learn where to start and to have confidence on drawing Animal Cartoons,

The materials needed for this training is easy to find, and does not requires necessary equipment or other sophisticated gadgets to start, all are available in your local Art store or Otherwise stated if you will find it elsewhere, so you don’t need to press yourself.

You will learn all the Basics in Cartooning and how to paint your work to make your work beautiful and unique, by these you will appreciate the Basic Shapes which is the foundation of our Animal Cartoons, when you’re going to draw your own Animal Cartoons

What you just have to do is to read and work with the step by steps instructions provided, and in no time you will be very skillful in drawing Animal Cartoons, so have fun and Welcome to this Cartoon World.