Raspberry Pi Insider Guide - Bruce Smith

Raspberry Pi Insider Guide

By Bruce Smith

  • Release Date: 2014-11-27
  • Genre: Computers


Raspberry Pi Insider Guide: Everything you need for the Model B/B+ and more
Taking You from beginner to Expert!
The most up-to-date Raspberry Pi guide available.
Everything you need to make you an expert using the Raspberry Pi Model B and B+.

Taking you from beginner to expert. Even as an absolute beginner you will start on a journey that will ultimately leave you knowledgeable and with the confidence to work your Raspberry Pi to the limit. All you need is this book and some time to work through it.

The world of computing moves fast and since the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, a lot has changed. Raspberry Pi Insider Guide is the most complete up-to-date guide available. This comprehensive volume covers the Raspberry Pi and its software as it is today.

What you do with your Raspberry Pi will be driven by your interests and perhaps the interests of your family. High on the priority list is to learn, to experiment and to enjoy - Raspberry Pi Insider Guide will show you how.

Raspberry Pi Insider Guide is organised in seven sections, each containing chapters aimed at taking you the next step. From connecting your Raspberry Pi to choosing and selecting add-ons and using the Raspbian Operating System and desktop environment, you will be well on your way to expert status. Raspberry Pi Insider Guide will show you how to use hard drives and printers and how to connect cameras to take great pictures. Create your own website and then a stunning media centre to manage all your TV and music needs. You’ll even learn how to make your Pi speak and create an amazing home office using free world-class software.

Moving on, you will learn to master programming and become proficient in some of the industry standard languages available to you, including Bash, Python, Scratch and assembly language. Learn about other Operating Systems available for the Raspberry Pi, including RISC OS , Pidora and Arch Linux. Finally, discover the Raspberry Pi board itself, and find out how you can use the GPIO port to connect and control the outside world using simple examples.

Raspberry Pi Insider Guide will show you many things including how to:

* select the bare essentials you will need to get your Raspberry Pi up and running.
* copy and install the Raspbian Operating System.
* identify and connect everything together, switch it on and get it all working.
* use the command line to issue instructions and access important information.
* use the Desktop environment to run programs and games.
* use essential software to maintain your Raspberry Pi in tip-top condition.
* add additional devices such as disk drives, printers and cameras.
* have fun with the Camera Module or a webcam and take and edit photos including using time lapse photography.
* play high definition videos and top quality sound including music.
* start to program in several industry-standard languages including Python.
* create a simple website for use as a home information centre or anything you want!
* update and upgrade your Raspberry Pi and find and install new software.
* install and use LibreOffice for all your administrative and business needs.
* create a media centre and access great free-to-air TV and video channels.
* make your Raspberry Pi talk!
* install and use RISC OS as a second Operating System and become familiar with Pidora and Arch Linux.
* understand the components on the Raspberry Pi and what they do.
* connect devices to the GPIO port and use them from a language of your choice.
* make your Raspberry Pi go faster by selecting Turbo mode.
* ideal for beginners, the Raspberry Pi Insider Guide assumes no prior knowledge and will turn you into an expert.

This book covers the all models including the A, B, A+ and B+.