A Beginner's Guide to Winter Survival: How to Survive Cold Weather - Dueep J. Singh

A Beginner's Guide to Winter Survival: How to Survive Cold Weather

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body


A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Survival - How to Survive Cold Weather

Table of Contents
Winter Storms and Warnings
Freezing Rain
Winter Preparation
Winter Clothing
What Do You Do in Cases of Frostbite?
Symptoms of Frostbite
Traveling In Harsh Weather
Caught in a Blizzard
Sheltering from Blizzards in Your House
Defrosting Frozen Pipes
Winter Survival Kit
When to Call 911
Winter Fuels
Carbon Monoxide
Another Heating Tip
Long-Lasting healthy foods
Making Biltong the Traditional Way
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Mankind has been looking for the best ways in which to survive the harsh winter, for millenniums. That means that he knows that at one particular period of the year, he is going to be subject to ice, snow and cold temperatures. He is also going to face blizzards and storms.

As man has not been built by nature to curl up in a warm cave and hibernate throughout the winter like more sensible animals, the onset of winter brings with it the heightened sense of self-preservation.

In olden days, all man could do was huddle into a corner, around the fire, and keep praying for the blizzard to stop. During this time, he survived on the food that he had stored in his cave or in his place of shelter during the more clement and temperate months of the year. As time went by man found that it was easy to transport himself and his family to other places, on horseback, or in a cart. And that is why he managed to look for more temperate regions – where the weather was not so harsh – before the onset of winter.

But as time went by, nature still kept to her rules of a harsh winter, but mankind did not learn much in terms of common sense. In fact, he persisted on going out in the cold, instead of staying under shelter. And that is why the popular melodramatic cliché of someone turned from a doorstep on a harsh winters evening remained a popular theme in theaters.

Even today in 80% of the popular escapist novels, the dumb, but beautiful heroine (single and pregnant in 90% of the cases, according to manuscript submission requirements, goes driving in a blizzard. – I told you that she is dumb – And the multibillionaire hero rescues her. And there is going to be a happily ever after, on page 186, because he is going to marry her. And there we are, we have just wasted our money on another thoroughly idiotic novel.)

In real life, she would have died of hypothermia, because she is not well clothed, does not have fuel and has been buried in a snowdrift.